World History

arrow_right Birth of the Net
In the 1960's the American military realised that storing all their strategic information in one place was a bit risky. So they built another computer centre in another part of the country. To keep these systems up-to-date they were wired together. They then wired in other military establishments, and then they wired into a similar system developed by the US universities, who in turn were in the process of connecting to commercial concerns linked with them, and to the educational facilities in other countries. By 1972 there were about 40 sites connected which was the start of ARPAnet, run by the US military and educational establishments. By 1983 there were so many networks and institutions connected to the network, and not just in the US either, that the military side of things was moved elsewhere for reasons of security. In a very short space of time it was discovered that there was a net of wires spanning the globe. Networks connected to networks, ad infinitum. Much like the international telephone network, but much more useful.

John Henderson (24-Mar-2001)