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There is one main reason for the existence of the Internet, and that is quite simply communication. The term "communication" covers a lot of ground, and so does the Net. For a start there is Electronic Mail, which has always been, and most certainly still is, the mainstay of the Internet. Because of the global nature of the Net, it is the ideal Post Office for the technology age.
arrow_right E-mail
Now you can send letters (and a lot more) around the world in a matter seconds for very little cost. As long as the recipient has an Internet-connected e-mail address you can use the service. As well as text you can post pictures, sounds, programs, even video footage. It's simple to use - if you can type a letter into a word processor then you can cope with e-mail. But don't let its simplicity belie its power. E-mail is, without any doubt, one of the most advanced communication media that the world has seen so far.

John Henderson (24-Mar-2001)